Make a wallet for your pocket and the planet.

A free DIY template for minimalist wallet designed to upcycle paper waste.


Not sure if a minimalist, slim, front pocket wallet fits you?
Give it a try using our free DIY template.

This is how to make a wallet out of any materials like notepad covers, magazine covers, or cardboard.
The simple design makes it easy to build without gluing or stitching while making it sturdy enough for daily abuse.

Get ready to carry less and waste less.

Step1: Supplies

You’ll need
1. A sheet of paper to make a wallet out of (Minimum 140mm x 172mm (5.6inches x 6.8inches) / preferably durable material)
2. An elastic band
3. A utility knife (with a cutting mat)
4. A Pen
5. A ruler
6. A sheet of A4 paper to make the pattern
7. A printer


Our favorite material so far is the cover of Rhodia #16. It’s made of PEFC certified coated paper and water resistant which makes the wallet durable.


Step2: Print out the template and cut the pattern.

Download the free template here and print it out.

Adjust the length of the pattern to fit the size of your bills, if needed.
You could print the pattern directly on it if you choose a printable material.


Step3: Cut out the material you choose using the pattern.


Step4: Make V-folds along the dotted lines in the template.

TIP: Drawing lines using the back side of the blade makes it easier to make V-folds.


Step5: Round off the corners (optional)

It just makes easier taking it in and out of your pocket.


Step6: Put cash and cards in It and fasten them with an elastic band.

Carrying cash and cards with ease is a wallet’s essential job, right? No need to fold bills in three, unlike other minimalist wallets.

I prefer “Mobilon Band” which is thinner and more durable than common elastic bands, but use whatever you like as long as it does the job.

Step7: Get ready to go out!


That’s it. Yes, as simple as that. But it’s fully functional and durable for daily use.
We hope it helps you simplify your life. Sometimes, change in life starts with the smallest.

Want a more durable one?

Our products are washing machine safe.