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Minimalist Paper Wallets Handmade in Japan
Durable, slim and ultralight wallets handmade in Japan.

Slim wallets that help you live lightly.

We make slim, durable, and eco-friendly paper wallets that lighten the load on your pocket and the environment.

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Our Products

Wrap Wallet

Holds 15 notes and 7 cards

Slim Bifold

Holds 8 cards, 20 notes, and coins

Card Sleeve

Comes in all sizes
Holds 3-12 cards and half-folded notes

Designed to help you carry smarter.

Elegant and Durable

Kamino Wallets are made with latex-laced paper. They are highly tear and water resistant, making them ideal for daily use.

With Time Comes Beauty

The surface feels just like leather and develops a unique pattern as it’s used. After a few months, you will have a gorgeous wallet unlike any other in the world.

Kamino Wallet: Durable, Minimalist Paper Wallet that helps you go simple.

Meet All of Your Needs

It holds everything you need while keeping that slim, ultra-light profile you’re looking for.


Handmade in Japan

We believe the beauty of our product speaks for itself. 
Kamino Wallets are a beacon of simplicity and minimalism at their core, a true beacon of Japanese tradition.