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The most minimal wallet ever.

Carry Less. Go Light.


Lighten the load on your pocket and the planet!

A durable, paper-thin and 100% recyclable wallet/money clip that helps you go light.

Kamino Card Wallet S

Fits USD, CAD, AUD, etc.

$12.95 (incl. shipping)

Kamino Card Wallet L

Fits GBP, EUR, JPY, etc.

$12.95 (incl. shipping)

Kamino Bifold Wallet

Fits all major currencies

$14.95 (incl. shipping)


Designed for your every adventure

From the daily commute to exploring outdoors or even traveling the world, it helps you go light.

Icons from

Slim but Expandable

The wallet is less than 2mm (0.07") thin but holds everything you need on the go.

Washing Machine Safe

Featuring 100% recyclable YUPO® synthetic paper, it's waterproof and tear-resistant.


It holds all major currencies and fits into your front pocket securely.


Made in Japan with love.

Based in the village of Tosayama in southern Japan, we craft our wallets with the Japanese tradition of simplicity and minimalism at its core.

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