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Minimalist Paper Wallets Handmade in Japan
Kamino Wallet: Minimalist, slim wallet that helps you go simple.

Paper wallets that lighten your load.

Durable, slim and ultralight wallets handmade in Japan.

Kamino Card Wallet

Holds 7 cards and folded notes.

Kamino Wrap Wallet

Holds 15 notes and 6 cards.

Washing Machine Safe

Featuring latex impregnated paper, it has high tear and wet strength to stand your daily carry.

Looks Better with Age

The surface feels just like leather and develops a unique patina over time.

Fits Your Needs

Kamino Wallet: Durable, Minimalist Paper Wallet that helps you go simple.

It holds everything you need on the go while keeping the profile slim and ultralight.


Handmade in Japan

We craft our wallets with the Japanese tradition of simplicity and minimalism at its core.