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Minimalist Paper Wallets Handmade in Japan

Hassle Free
Slim Wallets


Versatile minimalist wallets that make your everyday life easier.

Handmade in Japan.

Elegant and Durable

Kamino Wallets are made with latex-laced premium paper. They are highly tear and water resistant, making them ideal for daily use.

With Time Comes Beauty

The surface feels just like leather and develops a unique pattern as it’s used. After a few months, you will have a gorgeous wallet unlike any other in the world.

Meet All of Your Needs

Kamino Wallet: Durable, Minimalist Paper Wallet that helps you go simple.

It holds everything you need while you’re on the go while keeping that slim, ultra-light profile you’re looking for.

Our Products

Kamino Wrap Wallet

Holds 15 notes and 7 cards

Kamino Card Sleeve

Comes in all sizes
Holds 3-12 cards and folded notes

Kamino Card Wallet

Holds 7 cards and folded notes


Kamino Wallets are Handmade in Japan

We believe the beauty of our product speaks for itself. 

Kamino Wallets are a beacon of simplicity and minimalism at their core, a true beacon of Japanese tradition.


Not exactly what you’re looking for?

Contact us for a custom design! We know even the tiniest detail matters for you.