We've carefully chosen the materials to make our wallet paper-thin yet durable enough for daily carry and as environmentally friendly as possible.
Not only the wallets, but also all the materials are made in Japan with care.

Kamino Wallet: The slimmest wallet ever.
Kamino Wallet: The slimmest wallet ever.

YUPO® synthetic paper

YUPO® Synthetic Paper is waterproof, tear-resistant and 100% recyclable material that is extruded from polypropylene pellets (PP).

The synthetic paper looks almost indistinguishable from regular paper but outperforms them in terms of moisture resistance (almost no structural deterioration or deformation when wet) and durability (resistance to tearing).

Simple origami structure without stitch nor glue makes the wallet sturdy.

Every wallet comes with a piece of sample of the material, so that you can test the durability before use by tearing, stretching or washing it.

Mobilon band

The mobilon band is made from polyurethane that is far thinner and stronger than conventional rubber bands.

Every wallet comes with 2 extra bands for replacement.