Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is it made of?

It's made of "Cordoba Paper" - Latex impregnated paper that is developed and made in Japan. It has a smooth surface and feels almost like leather.
Similar to the material used for jeans label that is sometimes also called washable craft paper.

The material has high tear and wet strength but NOT waterproof. (Means it still gets wet but dries easily and stays intact.)

Is it recycled material?

No. It is recyclable and biodegradable as usual paper, though.

Is it Tyvek?

No. Tyvek is made of 100% high-density polyethylene fibers.
So they are essentially plastic whereas our material "Cordoba Paper" is a genuine paper that consists of natural materials and is biodegradable.

Is it RFID blocking?


Does it work with ID scanners?

Yes. As the wallet has two card slot, there's a lot of versatile ways in which you can keep an ID card, and it'll work.

However, depending on the compatibility of each card, it might not work.
For example, Metro cards and ID cards don't seem to work well together.

How long will it last?

It depends on how you use it of course, but it'll last years if you treat it like a normal wallet.
The material is washable so it will survive some accidental machine washes too.

*However, when it gets dirty, we recommend you not to machine wash but to clean it by soaking in the water and washing gently by hand or with a toothbrush to extend the longevity of the product.

Will you make other products?

Yes. Currently, we're working on the productions of Notebook/Passport wallet, and coin pouch.
We'll keep you updated on SNS and our newsletters!


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