Simplicity at its core.


My name is Kan Yamamoto, a graphic designer and woodworker based in the village of Tosayama, Japan. I design and make all of our products.

After spending my twenties in Switzerland and Berlin practicing the fine arts and graphic design, I returned to my home in order to dig deep into my own cultural roots and to contribute to the local community.

In Japan, we have the tradition of utilizing paper in every aspect of daily life, from architecture to utensils. Although a piece of paper might be considered imperfect as a material because of its fragility, the real beauty lies in its versatility and the wisdom inherent in the design.

I created a universal tool for the world while staying true to Japanese tradition. Kamino Wallets are creative, sustainable, eco-friendly, and simplicity in its purest form.

Kamino Wallet merges the art of the Japanese paper folding, or “Origami,” and the material developed by modern technology to make a minimalistic wallet with maximum utility.

A change in our life often starts with the smallest step.
Let a Kamino Wallet be that step for you.

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By the way, “Kamino” means “Made of paper” in Japanese.

Our small workshop where everything is happening.

Our small workshop where everything is happening.

Our home: Tosayama Village, Kochi, Japan

Our home: Tosayama Village, Kochi, Japan

Kan Yamamoto  Designer/Founder

Kan Yamamoto Designer/Founder


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304 Kuwao, Tosayama
Kochi-City, Kochi
781-3221, Japan