About Kamino Wallet

Hi, I’m Kan, founder/designer of Kamino Wallet based in Kochi, Japan.

Kamino wallet is a project in which I'm trying to design an universal tool for the real world, with sustainability, simplicity, and creativity in my mind. 

After spending my twenties in Switzerland and Berlin, now living in a Japanese rural village, I realized that no matter where I am, I carry the same things. A phone and a wallet. So, I thought the problem I had with my wallet must be universal. By having a bulky wallet in my back pocket all the time, I got the habit of collecting unnecessary junk and worse than that, a backache.

Since years, I’ve been searching for an ideal way to get rid of it. I know there are a wide variety of well made slim wallets out there, but the problem is you can’t test them all, and without actually using them, you never know which one fits your life style.

So, I naturally started making my own, prototyping them with paper, looking for which form and style work best for me. And that’s where it all began. After trying various materials such as wood or leather, something I had considered a prototype turned out to be the best solution for me, and possibly for you too.

I share my idea here in the hope it might help you to simplify your life.
Every feedback is welcome!